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A Proposal for the Distributed
Deodorizing/Sterilizing System
in the Stock Raising Market

Productivity improvement and surrounding
environment purification can be realized by
cleaning the air using the photocatalytic effect

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1. Outline of the system

  • The system consists of deodorizing and sterilizing units using photocatalytic filters manufactured with an excellent titanium oxide coating process called thermal spraying method. It removes offensive odors and viruses that disturb the living environment and affect the productivity.
  • It circulates the room air and, as combined with an optional cooling fan, gives an effect to control temperature rises in a closed room in summer.

2.Outline of the system (development specifications)

  • The system consists of deodorizing and sterilizer units effectively laid out and networked to realize adequate operation according to surrounding odors and contribute to the energy saving.
  • The economic effects given by the system can also be determined on a real-time basis by entering data such as expenses and sales.
  • The system operation status can be remotely monitored via Internet, which promotes after-sale services of the system (e.g. replacement of 6lters).

Superiority of the titanium oxide coating process based on thermal spraying

The above is extracted from a photocafafytic filter manufacturer's data.

Construction of a centralized deodorizing/sterilizing system

An example of application in a cow shed

An example of application in a henhouse